Ajoudani worked for nearly seven years as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature & Humanities at the University of Isfahan, teaching classical and modern Persian literature texts.

  In January 1987, he came to Britain and cooperated with late Manuchehr Mahjoubi, the editor-in-chief and publisher of Fasl-e Ketab, in publishing this journal and from the beginning he was the editor of this  publication. All together, thirteen issues of this journal were published in London. 

Ajoudani is a founder member and the chairman of the Library for Iranian Studies (the largest Iranian library outside Iran) in London since 1991. He gives weekly lectures on poetry of Hafez and Rumi as well as topics in Persian mysticism.  


       His first book: “Mashroute-ye Irani va Pish Zamineha-ye Nazariye-ye Velayat-e Faqih”  (Iranian  Constitution and the  Background to the Guardianship of the Jurisconsult) was published in London  in 1997.


His second book: “Ya Marg Ya Tajaddod” (Death or Modernity) is a collection of nine articles, which have been written and published in the past 18 years inside and outside Iran on the poetry and literature of the Iranian Constitutional Era 


In addition to these books, he has published more than 50 short and long articles in publications in Iran and abroad and his latest book: ”Hedayat, Boof-e Koor and Nationalism” was published in London in December 2006. This is a different literary review and critique of "Boof-e Koor” and other Hedayat’s works within the historical and cultural context of the modernity era. “Nationalism”, as one of the most important subject matter in Hedayat’s .writings, is a pivotal point of discussion in this book.